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Water Peeler

Water Peeler

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One (1) Water Peeler nozzle. A flat drying nozzle that attaches directly to our Force Dryer hose. Used by laying the nozzle flat against the animal’s coat to virtually “peel” water away, drying the coat straight.

For use with:

  • Clipper Vac® Mini® (with Drying Option).
  • Clipper Vac® B&B® (with Drying Option).
  • Tornado® Force Dryer.
  • Junior® Force Dryer.
  • Eco® 1 Force Dryer (discontinued model).
  • Eco® 2 Force Dryer (discontinued model).

Not for use with: 

  • Grandaddy® Force Dryer (discontinued model).
    Using an Un-cut Rubber Drying Nozzle with the Grandaddy® can shorten the life expectancy of its motors.