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Un-cut Rubber Drying Nozzle

Un-cut Rubber Drying Nozzle

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One (1) Un-cut Rubber Shooting Nozzle. A Nozzle is used to direct the flow of forced air.

For use with:

  • Clipper Vac® Mini® (with Drying Option).
  • Clipper Vac® B&B® (with Drying Option).
  • Tornado® Force Dryer.
  • Junior® Force Dryer.
  • Eco 1® Force Dryer (discontinued model). 
  • Eco 2® Force Dryer (discontinued model).
Not for use with:
  • Grandaddy® Force Dryer (discontinued model).
    Using an Un-cut Rubber Drying Nozzle with the Grandaddy® can shorten the life expectancy of its motors.