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Get Assistance Choosing the Right Unit

Trying to decide if Clipper Vac® is for you? 

What kind of performance are you looking for?

Pet grooming has been around for as long as we can remember and it has grown to be a HUGE industry! Throughout the years techniques have changed, research has been done & studies have been completed to revolutionize the way we groom pets. Use of the Clipper Vac® will completely modernize the way you groom leaving you with beautiful, buttery smooth haircuts in half the time! Outdated methods of grooming cost you time & energy and most importantly can be hazardous to you and your pets. Dander, dirt, hair, etc. is vacuumed away instantly preventing most risks of future respiratory illness. Repetitive motion injuries (carpal tunnel, tendonitis) are on the rise in the grooming trade mainly as a result of scissoring & back brushing. Gentle suction lifts all layers of the coat and pulls the hair evenly across the blade making a perfect cut with every pass of the clippers. No back brushing required! Even cuts with your clippers greatly reduce (and sometimes even eliminate!) the amount of scissoring needed to perfect your groom.  The suction is also pulling air past your blade keeping it cool 24/7. No more blade coolants or chemicals necessary! This not only keeps pets safe from burns but also prolongs the life of your blades. As you can see, there are MANY benefits of using Clipper Vac® aside from the easy clean-up! If you want to transform the way you groom then keep reading to see which unit would best suit your needs.

    Is it in my budget?

    Buying a Clipper Vac® can be a major investment but consider this: An average groom costs approximately $60. If you are increasing your grooms by 1-2 dogs a day you are making a minimum of $400 a week. Whichever unit you choose will quickly pay for itself AND then make you more money in the long run! Remember, time is money. Financing options are also available! For more information about financing a Clipper Vac® please check out our financing page.

    Should I buy new or used?

    Purchasing a used unit can seem like a great way to save money but unfortunately this route typically ends up costing just as much, if not more, as purchasing new in the long run. Here is why:

    • Unless the owner has kept meticulous maintenance records you won’t know what you’re getting into when purchasing used.
    • You’ll pay what you think is a great price only to find out the unit hasn’t been serviced in years or needs a major repair.
    • Sometimes new owners will find parts installed in the unit were not purchased from M.D.C. Romani, which can then causes problems down the road when trying to order maintenance items. MDC Romani is unable to provide technical support or provide additional parts if the unit is operating with parts sold from companies other than MDC Romani.
    • Most of the time, you’ll buy a unit and there will be parts missing—if you’re unfamiliar with the product, a guessing game will then ensue on what it is you actually need to buy to make it work. This can result in multiple calls and product returns before the situation is deemed under control and you’re actually ready to start grooming.

    Benefits of buying new:

    • Each unit comes with 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty & customer service.
    • You’ll know your unit’s maintenance history.
    • All the parts needed to groom are included!
    • Technical support & maintenance items will always be available to you.

    How much space do you have in your salon? Will you need to be stationary or mobile/on the go?

    • Tote® – Portable (27lbs) and best for first time users, house call grooming, pet owner care, surgical prep and certain mobile applications. If you are trying to use the Tote with a high volume clientele, be prepared to empty it often. We recommended upgrading to a larger unit if you are grooming 5+ pets a day for more convenience. The Tote holds approximately 4-6 gallons of hair which equates to 4-6 medium size dogs worth of hair.
    • Mini® – Our most popular unit. Weighing 50lbs, this unit functions great on the wall of a grooming salon or in the utility area of a mobile grooming unit. The Mini has double the hair storage of the Tote (approx. 9-11 gallons of hair). This unit also has the option to double as a touch-up/fluff dryer!
    • B&B® – Great for larger salons with multiple groomers. The B&B is designed to support either 1 or 2 operators. Not very portable (approx. 80lbs)—but easily moved with the help of included casters. Hose support arms are included with this unit to keep hoses off of the floor. Most groomers place this unit conveniently between two work stations. Great hair storage capabilities (17-20 gallons of hair). The B&B has the option to double as a touch-up/fluff dryer.

    Still not sure which to buy? Call 724-463-6101 or email to speak to a sales representative. We look forward to hearing from you!