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Choosing Your Clipper Vac®


Choosing the right unit for your business:

What kind of performance are you looking for?

  • Out dated methods of grooming cost you time and energy. How many dogs/cats do you groom each day? Take this number and add two to three more — using the Clipper Vac® you will increase your number of grooms by that amount!

Will you be working for yourself?

  • Remember—when building your business, always think about your future! Don’t just consider your present needs. Do you plan on expanding—adding more Groomers? Invest in a Clipper Vac® that can grow with you—like the B&B®!

Is it in your budget?

Buying a Clipper Vac® can be a major investment but consider this: An average groom costs approximately  $40. If you are increasing your grooms by 1-2 dogs a day you are making a minimum of $200 a week. Whichever unit you choose will eventually pay for itself AND then make you more money in the process!

Should I buy new or used?

Problems with purchasing used:

  • Unless the owner has kept meticulous records you won’t know what you’re getting into when purchasing used.
  • You’ll pay what you think is a great price only to find out the unit hasn’t been serviced in years or needs a major repair.
  • Sometimes new owners will find that parts installed in their unit were not purchased from M.D.C. Romani, Inc. which can then causes problems down the road when they call in for tech support and we have no idea how to help because we don’t know what we’re working with.
  • Most of the time, you’ll buy and there will be parts missing—if you’re unfamiliar with the product, a guessing game will then ensue on what it is you actually need to buy to make it work. Sometimes this results in multiple calls and product returns before the situation is deemed under control and you’re actually ready to start grooming.

Benefits of buying new:

  • Each unit comes with 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty.
  • You’ll know your unit’s maintenance history.
  • All the parts you need are included!

Is your health and the health and safety of your clients important to you?

  • Dander, dirt, hair, etc is vacuumed away instantly preventing most risks of future respiratory illness.
  • No more blade coolants or chemicals required! Blades stay cool thanks to the constant airflow across them from the Clipper Vac®! This not only keeps pets safe from burns but also prolongs the life of your blades.

How much space do you have in your salon? Will you need to be stationary or mobile/on the go?

  • Tote® – Portable and best for Groomers just starting out, vet offices (for use before surgical procedures), house call grooming, pet owner care, and mobile applications. If you are trying to use the Tote with a high volume clientele, be prepared to empty it often. We recommended upgrading to a larger unit for more convenience.
  • Mini® – Portable but a bit heavier than a Tote®. Will work for the same situations as the Tote®. Unlike the Tote®, the Mini® doubles as a high velocity dryer. Mostly used in mobile applications. Stores more hair than the Tote®.
  • B&B® – Can be upgraded from one person to two person use. Doubles as a high velocity dryer. Best for Salons just starting to expand. Not very portable—but easily moved with the help of wheels. Can sit conveniently between two work stations. Great hair storage capabilities.

Still not sure which to buy? Call and speak to a sales representative. 724-463-6101